Things have been pretty hectic around here for the last few months and I must admit that i’ve been hanging on to the prospect of being able to knock it back a notch or two. Once the wedding was done and the relly’s had gone back home things should be somewhere near normal right? WRONG! Being a house of 6, it’s always going to be full-on and I totally love it, unless I forget something or worse, someone! Then I feel like crap for about an hour and try to make it up with an extra sweet or some other sort of bribery. Note to self – USE THE CALENDAR!! 

I play futsal on a Thursday night and it’s MY night, you know the one where FLM (FastLaneMum) comes home on time and I manage to get out and have some boy time. I don’t care who you are, what you are or where  you’re from, we all need some ME time now and again and mine is Futsal. My last game was the day before the wedding, I know, it could have gone ‘well wrong’ but it didn’t and ever since then – 22 days to be precise – i’ve been desperate to get a little boy time in.

Fortunately I only had to wait until last Friday at 1pm as we had organised to play a tournament up the coast at Forster. When I say WE organised, I mean my now brother-in-law (B-I-L) organised. Love you bro ;) I love my kids dearly and feel really fortunate to have been blessed with them, but bugger me they can’t half burn a guy out! How do you mum’s seem to cope so well? Probably less running around and more organisation?! I was getting to the point that I wasn’t my normal self and realised that something was needed to steady the ship.

Before the wedding was fine as I was also on my #FatPomSlim regime to look good in the photos, as well as still playing Futsal. After 2 weeks of excessive entertaining and no real exercise, apart from a couple of runs on the beach, I needed the endorphin rush. I was becoming a right pain in the ass. So Friday 1pm rolls around and i’m late due to buying the prerequisite white socks that I forgot to get the day before, on the way to get on the bus. An early start to beat the traffic out of Sydney. Straight to Gosford to pick-up one of the boys, who had been kind enough to pick up some pie’s for us all, on his way to the rendezvous point.

All is well as the pies get dished around, we all start tucking in and the B-I-L ask’s for a Steak one. No dramas and the steak pie is passed his way. He’d not had any lunch at the prospect of one of these pies, he’d heard they we’re the dogs dangly bits. He took a huge bite. And in that one mouthful he realised that this was no ordinary steak pie, it was something a little different… no, not horse, or dog which it actually could have been due to the fact that he couldn’t tell, because of the burning sensation that was overtaking his entire mouth, lips, tongue, throat. Not to mention the steam that looked like he was secreting from his ears.

He had just taken a huge bite from the ‘Flaming Ron Chilli Pie’ which just happens to be the Hottest Pie In The World. As one of our brothers was floored by this pie, we decided that we would get our own back on this pie by each taking a mouthful in true ‘One For The Team’ style. We were like the Musketeers, chanting; ‘One for all and all for One’!

The Flaming Ron
The Flaming Ron!









We just about made it to the garage across the road before our driver and star striker nearly passed out! I have to say fair play to the ginger one amongst us who, it has to be said, is a chicken korma fan if you know what I mean. He had a go and I swear his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. I meanwhile was making a bee-line for the milk fridge whilst wearing my sunnies to cover up the tears that were running down my crimson cheeks whilst learning to talk again!

Check out Matty Johns reaction below… This was similar to 2 of our boys. It’s indescribably HOT!

And this was all before we even got there! I won’t go into any details about the weekend, but I will tell you that we managed to get the semi-finals, enjoyed ourselves immensely and are going back next year. With extra toilet roll ;)

It was enough for me to know that just a little time out is a good thing and that camaraderie, friendship and fun should never be underestimated. I’ll be working harder at making sure our boys are being mates together and also keeping their school friends close. As for me, nurturing those relationships is for us, a huge part of life and if as parents we give them nothing else, at least they’ll have each other.

To give a chilli pie to!

UE BOOM speaker and beer on the beach. A perfect match.



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