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Now before you read this post I have to tell you that no children were harmed during the making or writing of this post and that it is brought to you in conjunction with George ‘All round Good Guy and Author’ Elliot, who kindly invited us to enjoy a V8 Supercar experience in return for me writing this post and highlighting his talents not only as a race car driver but as a published author. (see his books below) And if that’s not enough to keep you reading, then how about a competition to Win a V8 Supercar Experience and signed copies of both his books.. What more could you want?? All you have to do is enter the competition rafflecopter thing and Roberts you sisters brother. Oh and the answer to the competition on George’s Facebook Page is on the back window of the Goodlife Gyms Racecar picture down below ;) Did I say that OUT LOUD?? Ooops.. Good Luck!

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Quote“I’ve been waiting twenty years to tell someone that they’re a natural; George Elliot, you’re a natural.” Bryce Courtenay

I commented to George that being able to have a quote like that on your book was like having a piece of gold. Having now read the first chapter or so of his first book, I can honestly say that his style is ‘very easy to read’ which would make it the perfect Christmas present for a bloke! Now of course that’s subjective and I am no where near qualified to judge his work but I know what I like and I like his style so i’ll be getting stuck into it on my racing-bus journeys to and from work.

It all began when I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was to be a racing driver. That is apart for the 2 weeks that I wanted to be a solicitor.. I then re-read my old reports and decided that I was dreaming! As a motor racing loving, adrenaline-junkie dad who has tried to avoid go-karting with our boys until as late as possible, about 9 months ago when they were 8, 10 and 12 for FastKid1’s birthday – come on, there’s 3 of them and it’s bloody expensive ok.. I really had to introduce them to what it really was to be a racing driver.

I had to show them that the ‘slightly too fast’ run to swimming lessons because one of them couldn’t find his goggles, even though he was supposed to get his sh1t together that morning, was mere ‘energetic’ driving that leaves me empty as I know I can get there at least 2 minutes sooner. Damn those speed limits! Oh, and the kids being in the car too ;)

V8 Racing Experience at Sydney Motorsport Park
The FastFamily posing.

Fast forward to a week last Sunday and the whole family is at Sydney Motorsport Park to be exposed to lots of V8 race-cars that they can get up-close and personal with. This however didn’t seem to be enough to shake off the boys lethargy that lagged from quite a few late nights on the bounce due to rugby, Uncle Brilliant being over from the UK, a party for the travelling Lions supporters (I won’t mention the Lions again.. Honest!) and staying up later in general due to the school half term holidays. So was getting close to the cars and experiencing the noise, the smell or the sight of daddy acting like a small child again going to do it?? You’ll find out..

When we arrived, there was already an experience taking place so instantly there were the sights and sounds of the V8 Supercars for all of us to see and hear, which got me twitching. The boys were listening to FLM reading The Hunger Games so were paying little or no attention to anything other than that.. A little piece of me was saddened, but I knew that once they were fully exposed to the whole experience, you know, overalls on, on the pit lane seeing the cars whizzing by, I knew that they would love it.

Overall Fitting at Fastrack racing - Fastlanedad
He just can’t take the smile off his face!

I have to say that from the moment I went into the Fastrack Racing signing on office at Sydney Motorsport Park I got the impression ‘Slick operation’ and ‘Well Oiled Machine’ as Lyndal (that’s Lyndal below) and the team made it easy for all of us to sign on and then be in the right place at the right time for the photo’s, race suit fitting (mine was medium!!), briefing where we met all of the drivers and I got my first glimpse of George and finally down to the garages for the main event.. The CARS!!!

Lyndal from Fastrack racing
The Hostess with the Mostess!

As the time drew nearer the anticipation grew and grew. The Hunger games had been put away (You can buy it in the above Amazon widget if you like?), disclaimers about who’s fault it was if I died had been signed, overalls had been adorned, sighting laps with George had been driven, and helmets had been chosen. All that was left was for me to get behind the wheel and realise my childhood dream of driving a V8 Supercar in Australia.

George Elliot and Fastrack Racing - FastLaneDad
George and Me posing in the sun.

As I got strapped in to this beast of a car that sounded like almighty thunder, all my old ‘driving a race car’ feelings came flooding back.. along with a few others like, ‘What if I crash?‘ and ‘What if he asks me to slow down?!’ I need not have worried. From the moment I sat my overweight butt in the drivers seat and George began talking me through the controls, the gear-change (It’s manual not Auto..), what to expect, he made me feel all relaxed which just shows you what a pro he is at this sort of thing.

“That’s never 6 Laps!!!”

Or something like that was what I said after we rolled back into pitlane after my 6 semi-fast driving laps of Sydney Motorsport Park. “That’s what they all say :)” came the reply. I’m not sure exactly what George and I talked about after that as my memory was only one of gear changes, braking at the cones and making the corner apex and the glorious sound of the V8 motor getting somewhere near it’s rev limit down the back straight.. Ambition Realised.

Now enough about me, what about the rest of the family?!

Hot Laps from Fastrack Racing - FastLaneDad
Hot Lap for FK2 or as the drivers call it, Pay Back!

Well, here are a few snaps that really sum up what this experience meant to them.

Passenger Ride In a V8 Supercar - Fastlanedad
FastKid1 smiled even bigger after his passenger ride!

Apart from FastKid3 not wanting to be taken around due to a combination of tiredness, emotions and the fact that Daddy wasn’t driving (bless him), the others ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! Even a can of coke couldn’t persuade FastKid3 so we know he was serious.

Even a can of Coke wouldn't work..
Even a can of Coke wouldn’t work..

I asked all of them the same question when they got back into pitlane after their passenger ride:

Me: “What did you think of that then and how many out of 10?

FastKid1:Excellent, 13/10!

FastKid2:It’s the Best thing i’ve ever done in my life 230/10!

FastLaneMomAwesome, loved it! I did want him to go faster though, 11/10!

On our way home when re-living the day, FastKid2 came out with: “I’ve now got a new appreciation for what it’s like to be a racing driver.” Which made me smile as all they’ve know up to now about this craft is watching me race before we left the UK (they remember me spinning at the first corner!), a mornings go-karting and watching it on the TV. Oh and Super Mario Kart on the Wii.

FastKid3 made me also smile when I asked him if he had enjoyed his day? He said: “I’m happy that you all enjoyed yourselves.

Would you ever…

Now, did I say that you can win signed copies of not one but both of George’s books right here, right now? No you say? Well as Fathers day isn’t too far away I thing that these would be an Awesome gift for any dad, especially if you could win the V8 Supercar experience aswell!

Thanks for reading and Good luck!



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