With the Ashes about to kick-off up in Brisbane, I thought i’d share a day the boys and I had a few weeks ago with non other than Australian cricket captain and all round Australian Ashes legend-in-the-making Michael Clarke.

The boys and I were kindly invited – and might I add ‘SUPER LUCKY’ – to attend the MILO Cricket day with the a for mentioned Michael Clark. This is how it went from our side of the boundary…

It started out as any other day in our lives really, the only difference being that we were going to meet up with an Australian household name, a guy that most young boys have learnt from and studied for a few years now. He has become one of the best in his field and has the ability to go on to achieve even bigger things.  Read on to find out more about this Australian legend.

MILO Retro Cricket Tin
MILO made a cool retro tin. Cool!

It all began a few years ago now and from the very first moment it was obvious that he was a special talent. The sort of strokes he was producing weren’t your normal, they were of the highest order. Even FLM thinks he’s the most naturally gifted that she’s witnessed for sometime. Praise indeed!

Michael Clarke MILO Cricket Ambassador
*Shocker* They made Pup wait for his dinner!

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not into hero worship per-se, however this True blue Aussie is really something else. He’s proper fair dinkum and calls it as it is. I mean come on, he is from a pretty hard-knocks area and had to work his bat off to get where he is today. That’s why he’s built up thousands upon thousands of social media followers, some would say disciples, and has people hanging off his every word whenever he has something to say. That’s the level of this guy…

Michael Clarke MILO Ambassador
Pup signing FastKid1’s old Cricket Shirt

He’s regularly on the TV and Radio and has jetted across the country to be listened to by many, just hoping to get that golden nugget of what it is that makes him the guy he is. For someone so successful he’s very grounded. I was lucky enough to be able to chat to him for a few moments in between him coaching the kids. The snatched conversations are as much an inspiration for me to push what i’m doing even further and I value that probably more than the kids do as I don’t think they truly know how lucky they are to be close to this guy, let alone him giving them the benefit of his wisdom!

The boys and I obviously had the pleasure of spending time with probably the most talented batsman of his generation and current MILO ambassador and Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke. He was/is a top bloke, very down to earth and it was a real treat to meet him. I loved one particular quote from him which was when asked by one of the kids How did you drop that? I thought you were a professional?”  To which he replied “‘They’ call me a professional, I just play cricket.”

You could so easily exchange any of the above paragraphs have been referring to another Australian legend who is probably the most naturally gifted of his generation and walks amongst us. I am of course talking about the one and only….

Reservoir Dad

Reservoir Dad - A True Aussie Hero
Reservoir Dad – A True Australian Hero.

Thanks Clint for being a legend and allowing me to hang out with you… and buy you a beer ;) Below is what happened the last time we shared the same turf…

For the record, i’m an Englishman. But, I love to watch a great game of cricket where Cricket is the winner :)

Here are all the #MILO and #CricketTips Tweets from the day with more pics from more bloggers.

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