Schick Hydro Groomer Review and Competition!

Hi there and welcome to my review of the latest in shaving technology, the Schick Hydro Groomer 5. It takes a little practise saying right let me tell you!

So I won’t mess around here, i’ll get straight into the competition. 


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Win 1 of 5 Schick Hydro Groomer 5 packs!

1 x Razor

1 x Shaving Gel

1 x Pack of 4 Blades

Just like, in fact Exactly like the picture below. Not the shell or the air freshener or the jar of dead babies breath! 

Holy Razors Batman!
Schick Hydro Groomer 5 Razor, Giveaway Pack! 


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So to enter the competition, all you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below and then don’t forget to include your best/funniest/worst shaving story by scrolling down to find the comments box at the bottom of this page as you’ll score more entries!

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Don’t forget there’s the video review of the Schick Hydro Groomer to watch aswell if you haven’t already?




Size – It’s quite big so


Deep beard ability – With the trimmer it has to be


Closeness of shave – Very close


Sensitivity – Very good, the hydrating moisturising serum helps with that. Whatever THAT is?!


Coolness – Super cool  







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In the famous words of Arnie,

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  1. This ones from Suzy who posted to my Facebook

    about a friend of mine who opened up a bar. A few of his friends went over first night to support him and the bar became quite full. My friend and I were sitting up the back and we saw “Dave” through the crowd. “Oh look” I said to my friend, “Dave’s shaved off his beard”. “No he hasn’t.” said my friend beside me. “Yes he has I said”. It was then that we realised he had shaved off one side of his face and changed his mind and stopped. The crowded room had make it impossible for either of us girls to see his face in full view !!!

  2. When rushing to work there’s always a quick shower and shave. Upon 5 minutes of being at work, the more elderly colleagues were disheartened saying “Oh there isn’t a new trend of starting a moustache on your neck is there?!”

  3. Shaving one leg and the other one was itchy, without thinking I tried to scratch it with the razor, I sill have the scar!!

  4. I first cut my legs shaving when I was seven.My parents left me in the car with the groceries while they went to the chemist and I came across the razer while I was ferreting through the bags looking for choc chips.Shows who I spent most time with that I assumed they were for removing unwanted leg hair and not facial :)

    1. Mums have a lot to answer for Bruce! I have a make-up story that i’m keeping to myself ;)

  5. Once while trimming my hair a grade 3 with my home clippers, i put them to the side took off the grade 3 to do my beard and then switched my music on my phone to the side. After the side track I picked up the clippers went back to doing my head only to have a huge lawn mower style patch of hair missing! Not sure if the Schick could have saved me there Fastlane

    1. Haha, I don’t think Schick, Gillette, Remington or any other famous shaving brands could have saved you from yourself that day Aaron ;)

  6. I was badly advised to use an old blunt razor on my angora cardigan that was ravaged by wash pill. Needless to say, the cardigan was no more!

  7. As a very young teenage girl I got a free razor on the latest copy of Dolly magazine and immediately went home and dedcided to shave my leg. I had no idea that you needed water or soap, just did it dry and when the razor clogged up with hair I used my finger to remove it resulting in a lot of blood and me asking around about how to shave legs properly in the future.

    1. Only shaving 1 leg Sharon?? That’s trend setting ;) Unless you only have 1 leg?? Did I just write that?!

  8. Sadly – or perhaps not – I don’t have a best/funniest/worst shaving story. Life here is just not that prickly! ;)

  9. The joke is that I suffered for so many years with cuts, irritation and soreness from other brands of shavers. It was only after a friend recommended Schick to me that shaving became an enjoyable experience – and my face looked better for it. Thanks to Schick I’m now a ‘smooth’ operator!

    1. That’s great to hear Martin and this is the first Schick i’ve used and I can tell you now, it won’t be the last! Thanks for entering you Smooth Dude and good luck!

  10. Not MY worst (although there have been some doozies), but my son came home from a night out a few months back with two horrendous scrapes where the beginning of his eyebrows should have been. His ‘mates’ left eyebrows only from the mid-point out, & obviously used a VERY blunt razor. Not only did it take until now to grow back but the horrid scabs got infected & resulted in a doctor’s visit & daily plastering of cream. It was not a pretty sight.

    1. I’ll bet it wasn’t a pretty sight! I can’t imagine walking round with either cream or plasters over my eyebrows for that long!
      Is it safe to assume Sue, that he will get razors now for birthdays and Christmas :D

  11. I shaved one eyeborow of my husband one night when he was asleep/drunk (an oldie but a goodie) was hilarious when he woke up.

  12. using the very oldest razor that ever survived my wife’s weekly bathroom blitz I quickly started my obligatory pre work face routine.
    unfortunately making a Jack the Ripper interpretation and scaring off my first client of the morning probably for life!

    1. Haha, that’s a good one Mr Gethen! They’re good like that aren’t they, wives that is :D


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