Children need positive role models and we’re lucky to have FastLaneGrandy living with us in the FastHouse. This gives the FastKids another role model who brings a different perspective, years of experience and – much to their delight – a less frantic approach when it comes to organising them.


As an only child, things were really quite calm in my house while I was growing up. As I sit here early on Sunday morning writing this, it takes me back to my childhood and the times when I had the ability to just sit and relax and quite frankly do as I pleased.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was still a crazily active boy who used to go and seek out his mates at every opportunity so that we could get up to all kinds of tomfoolery. Whether it be racing our bikes around the block, running down the road pretending to be in training for my shot at the Heavyweight Boxing World Championship – having been inspired by watching Rocky 158,472 times – or just hanging out thinking of the next big adventure like organising an impromptu football match that the majority of our village played in one Sunday afternoon on the local farmers field. Oh the memories!

In amongst all of this were the mothers and fathers of friends and of course my own parents that all used to get involved and it’s those people that made the biggest impact on me as a small boy. I was also very fortunate to have very committed Grandparents with whom I spent a lot of time. My Gramps who is 91 and very much alive, proved to be the person that I look upon as my biggest role model. To the very end as my Nan was fighting Alzheimer’s he always had time for others and still made the people around him feel like they were special.

In my life (cue the Beatles!) I feel very fortunate that not only through my childhood but also today, I have some brilliant people around me that I continue to draw from, often without them even realising it. OR, is it that these wonderful people are giving to me because they realise that I need it??

As a male writing this article who has had both male and female role models, I took the opportunity to ask some of the women in my life whether it’s the same for them. It turns out that they’re of a similar opinion and that girls, despite ‘allegedly’ ;) maturing faster than boys similarly need not only female role models but male role models too.

I like to occasionally ask myself a couple questions:

  • Am I being a positive role model for my children and the people around me?
  • How could I be a better role model?
  • How do other people view me?
  • That last two are the real tough ones and I’ve learnt over the years if you’re prepared to ask someone the last question then be prepared for the answer.. Good or Bad!


  1. Loved reading this…

    We’ve recently been thinking about ‘other adults’ in our kids lives… We want to make sure that our kids have lots of good adults in their lives that they can seek out if needed, or just generally spend time with and learn from. When they were all little it was easy to just make it all about Mum and Dad with a bit of a look in from grandparents, but now that our oldest two are nine it suddenly seems more important for them to have a range of role models in their lives…

    1. Hi Katie and thanks for visiting.

      I couldn’t agree more that children need a variety and I seemingly like you believe that it is well and truly the spice of life.

  2. Role models and modeling for our kids is so important – especially having role models of different ages and generations. I did not know my grandparents very well and certainly did not see them as role models, but was lucky to have other individuals in my life who played a similar role and count so many people as critical to shaping me. I hope that I can provide my sons with positive role models as well.

    1. Hi Jen and thanks for visiting and commenting on the post.

      I’m not sure if anyone else does this but I sometimes have to remind myself that i’m supposed to be a role model right after i’ve turned up late for the school pick-up after telling the kids that morning how important it is to not be late for things and people!


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