My Tough Mudder Kit Bag – Sydney 2014 

So the countdown has begun to my (and our teams) first ever Tough Mudder. I have my wonderful sister-in-law to thank for the entry and I must admit that I AM extremely grateful to her for asking me to be in the team. No, really I am! As it’s not only given me a ‘Not to far in the distance‘ goal, but also a much bigger look at the things i’ve been doing OR not doing to my body since we got married back in February.

As i’m writing this and also getting everything together for the challenge, i’m a mixture of nervous and BUZZING! I can’t wait to get there and see all the obstacles and get, well, stuck in!

 TM Logo

We’ve called ourselves Team B.F.H and for anyone that’s watched the game show Bullseye you’ll understand!

Here’s My Tough Mudder Kit Bag

Under Armour Compression top – Team BFH Logo… FAIL!
TBC -Old running shorts with zip pocket for gels.
2XU’s Baby! Woof Woof!!!
My super cool Tradie ‘Wear under Boardies in the surf ‘ boxer pants
My Reeboks that have water dispersion properties and a pair of the finest bonds.
TBC – My Drift HD Ghost probably now for the kids to use to take some footage of os making fools of ourselves!
The Wahoo X Heart rate monitor so I can STRAVA of course ;)

 And now, also this. The BRAND NEW re yes, RE from HTC courtesy of Telstra. It’s an action camera of sorts, waterproof, wide angle, slo-mo and of course normal still pics. I must say that it’s strangely addictive and it’s going to take some prizing away from Fast Kid 1. Here’s all the specs: HTC re It’s the US site as the AU one hasn’t been launched yet. Not often I get to write that on here!

2014-11-13 16.38.43
The Fast Cat needed to take a sleeping selfie with the re first :)
HTC One and Re Cam. It's so cute! Did I just say that??
HTC One and Re Cam. It’s so cute! Did I just say that??

And that’s about it for gear I think…

Have you done Tough Mudder before? Any Tips?!

What are your thought’s on my kit bag?



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