Here are my Top 5 things to do in Sydney. If you’ve only got one day… with or without kids… on your own… with friends… they work for all scenarios.

This was also our chance to review the new TripAdvisor app, timeline feature. It’s in the ‘Me’ section and once it’s loaded you can take pics and add stuff along the way and it’ll upload them to your private timeline. It also gives you info about the attractions you’re at and other local attractions to visit, as well as the chance to rate each attraction or place.

It’s all available within the normal TripAdvisor app so no separate download required. I must say that the Android one is still a ‘work in progress’ which they assure me they’re working on. It’s a bit slow and buggy at the moment but the iOs version that some friends used worked a treat. I glanced over at others phones during the day and it did look really good. I wasn’t reading text messages, honest!

So here are the Top 5 things we did on our little tour around the pretty city of Sydney:

  1. Catch a Ferry – From somewhere in the harbour (we went from Taronga) into Circular Quay. It never does get old *Swoon*
  2. The Rocks – Plenty to see and do, good spots for lunch or a cheeky beverage and a shed-load of history. You can use a tour guide, like we did, his name was Kim, if you want more detail on what you’re looking at and also, they know where they’re going!
  3. Bridge Climb – It goes without saying really. My suggestion is to book this one in advance as this is the one you’ll have to work everything else around. We didn’t actually climb the bridge on the day but we would have had time. It looked like an amazeballs day for it though… 
  4. Barangaroo – It’s new, it’s still being finished but it’s an awesome spot for either, letting the kids blow off some energy or having 10 minutes chill time in a nice quiet spot. It really is coming coming along nicely. See!
  5. Taronga Zoo – Catch that ferry back over the water and finish your day off scooting through the zoo. Plenty of animals that need feeding and some that would feed on you! If Carlsberg did zoo’s then this would be it. You must get the cable car. Oh and one of the Elephants is currently pregnant. FYi, they carry for 2 years!!! I wonder if they get bored waiting… 

And that was that. No sooner had we missed the first ferry, than we we’re back in the car heading home. 

So back to the app. It’s great for keeping a journal around whichever city you’re in and then sharing with friends and family if you want too. If you’ve got the TripAdvisor app then I urge you to have a play the next time you’re in your home town and I bet you learn something new.

SCORES – It’s an 8/10 for the iOs and a 4/10 for the Droid version

*No children were eaten at the zoo* 

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