What to look for when buying or building a family home

Here are my top 10 tips that we used when buying our family home for life. Well most of it!

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  1. Location, location, location. – Cul-de-sac, local park locations, is it a retirement village or a family area? Talk to the local shops, the school, the library, in-fact, anyone who lives there!
  2. Do your research on the area. – Growing, declining, recent house prices activity. If growing then I would buy, if declining then I’d personally jog on unless you know something that other people don’t.
  3. School location – Can the kids walk, scooter, skate or ride to school? Ours can and it’s great that they can have this little bit of time to themselves to think about things. It’s also good for us parents to be able to give our kids that bit of responsibility which all builds towards letting them have their independence.
  4. School reputation – Go and get a tour, check out the myschools website. It’s not the be-all-and-end-all if your local school isn’t high on this as it might have other priorities for the kids.
  5. Potential to expand – Can you go up or out or change configuration? This can be part of your longer-term plan for when the kids are older and require ‘SPACE’ or have even flown the nest and you fancy a change.
  6. Yards? – Has it got a front or back yard? Having both is great as this gives an excuse for some time out when cutting the grass. One of them is a must unless you have an oval really close.
  7. Pool or potential for a pool – In the summer our boys live in our pool. It really is such a blessing to be able to have them all in the pool at the same time. It also gives us parent’s time for a nice cuppa… maybe even wine!
  8. Playroom potential – Does it have a room that the kids can dominate with toys or a bedroom that is big enough to accommodate all your kids playthings. We have a bedroom that’s big enough but we also have a garage that can easily be converted if required.
  9. Does it require work? – Can you move straight in and live? We looked at lots of options including knock down rebuilds, a little work required, a LOT of work required and in the end we decided that move in and a little bit of work in the future was the best decisions for us. We are a busy family and being able to move in and live was the best outcome for us at the time but your decision and circumstances might well be different.
  10. Can you afford it? – We did our sums at least 10 times before we were convinced that it was possible to buy our home. It is our dream home, it suits our family perfectly and it was definitely worth stretching ourselves in the short term to give us a settled, long term, family future.Companies like Coral Homes provide great floor plans to give you some dream home or planning inspiration


Those in short are my Top 10 tips when looking at buying your perfect family home.

Back Yard View

 If you have any great tips that you’d like to share, please feel free to pop them in the comments below.

 Thanks for reading and happy house hunting!

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