Interrelate and moving through puberty, again!

So Fast Kid 2 came home the other day with a booklet full of illustrations, sort of like cartoons, only different. They were illustrations of mens willy’s, girl’s secrets! Of course I looked all mature at this point…

2014-08-05 16.49.24
Girl bits. There’s a lot going on!

I’m looking at FK2 wondering how many jokes he’s already thought of and he’s looking back at me with the “I know how it all works now” look on his face. He winks and starts to smile the sort of smile that I know all to well, the one that means the rest of the afternoon is going to be full of fun, laughter, innuendo and some ‘close to the bone’ talk about sex.

Did I just say bone?

(Blackadder laugh) Ah Ha ha ha ha haaaa!!! 

And so it began… 

Then FastLaneAuntie jumped in with a serious question about the actual interrelate lesson…

FLA – “So do you all take it serious in the lesson, or do you all just laugh and have a giggle?”

FK2 – “No, we’re all quite mature when learning about it in the lesson.”

Come on sis, you can do better than that I thought, whilst mentally scrabbling around for something funny to drag the conversation back down to a childish level, my level! 

“That Bernie Ecclestone (F1 Boss), he’s a Dic-Tator!” I said whilst holding the biggest sweet potato between my legs and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“Also, don’t forget the talk about sperm and tampons and sweaty BO I said, it’s all in there!” 

But why do I need a shower every day?
But why do I need a shower every day?

There’s plenty more material for us to go at over the next few weeks as the classes hack their way through pubes and untangle the mythical nature of the ‘G-Spot‘. 

What?? They don’t actually teach them about that?!

No, they still don’t, they’ll have to find that one out for themselves. Probably a good thing too given the location of the male one.

Boy bits. What's not to love?!
Boy bits. What’s not to love?!

As well as the amount of comedy material that’s coming out of this, the other good thing is that going to save me having to have the ‘Birds and the Bees‘ chat for a while. I’m thinking that it’s deferred until they get old enough to be more interested in girls. And I know when that will be, when they start borrowing my aftershave.

I don’t think I ever got a ‘Birds and Bees’ chat?? I don’t think my dad was well equipped enough to be able to handle that kind of talk.

He did show me how to wash behind my foreskin though.

Me; “Hurry up boys will you…

Them; “Alright dad, we’re COMING!


Ive really had fun un-loading this post, do you have any interrelate or stories that you would care to share? 


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