I am nothing if not a, hoarder. When it came to the garage, which was a tip, it was time for a change…

So a few months ago I was in said garage, trying desperately to locate some clear floor space through the visual barrage of bikes, tins, balls, boards, tools, more tools, more boards, more balls, camping gear, all I wanted to do for Pete’s sake was put something else down. The already chockka garage was completely at breaking point. Between the three boys, me and Fast Grandy, we’ve got some stuff.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

It was time for a change. A trip to the local hardware shop ensued and my eyes were opened to the possibility of pallet racking. I’d used it before in garages that i’d owned but that was way to expensive and way too big, certainly too big for a home garage. But this stuff, this stuff, it was perfect. It comes with choices of wooden or mesh shelving, draws if you wanted (we did), different height stanchions so you can make a bench (we did), it was all there in glorious hardwearing, hammerite style, black crinkly finish. Sweet I thought, we’ll take it!

All the way home I had visions of how it was all going to look once erected, yes I said erected, and how much more organised it was going to be and how we’d be able to find things and how there would be a home for everything and and and… I WAS EXCITED!!!

Before I could erect though, I had to empty… bummer. The cars were moved, the drive cleared and the garage door opened. It was time. It all got shipped to either the drive, the bin, or a pile for council clean-up but it got moved. Strict rules were adhered to during the process. If it’s still broken and no-one has missed it then it goes. A bit like when i’m clearing toys and clothes from the boys bedrooms and other stash away cupboards i’ve secretly got…  As a wise person once said:

What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over

True dat. Apart from my heart. Being the hoarder, I took it hard. *Sad Face & Bottom Lip* It did secretly feel great to see the garage floor again though. Don’t tell my hoarding friends though…

Out it all went, in went the racking and on went the stuff, in some semblance of order. It was a million times better and we could see the floor again, Hoorah

Here’s the main bit of the finished result below:

It's not tidy at the moment but it's functional!
It’s not THAT tidy at the moment but it’s functional and a massive improvement.

It’s still a slight work-in-progress but we’re happy with it and so is Fast Lane Mom, which helps… Below are three things to think about if you happen to have a proper garage business or just a really, really big garage! There seems to be a growing range of choices since my time of buying pallet racking and hopefully this can help make your decision a little easier. 


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1. There Are So Many Options

Pallet racks are available in a multitude of forms. You only need to view the website of a storage specialist like Elbowroom to realise just how many racking options there are – click here to see for yourself. Drive-in, double deep, narrow aisle, push back… the list of pallet rack forms goes on. With a little research, you’ll be able to discover the differences between these types and determine which is best for you and your business.

Is your warehouse often overflowing, meaning you need to store goods as densely as possible? Or do you display your products on the factory floor and want them to be highly visible? Either way, there is a pallet racking system designed to suit your requirements.

2. Install Them Once, Enjoy Them Forever

Pallet racks are incredibly convenient. They are easy to install – you can leave the special tools in the shed – and easy to use. With a high level of sturdiness combined with their known dimensions, pallet racks are also perfect for shipping. Whether your products will be moving about or staying put in the warehouse, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they are safe and secured.

3. The Time of Shelves Is Over

Unlike complex and expensive shelving systems, pallet racks have very little impact on a warehouse’s structural integrity. They are lighter and much less troublesome than other available storage options. Pallet racking systems are also adaptable; not only can you build them higher than their shelve counterparts, but they can also be expanded easily. So when your next shipment is larger than expected or your business grows faster than anticipated, you don’t have to stress about your storage space turning back into the jungle it used to be. Simply add a couple of extra racks and keep everything organised.

Tired of the headaches you get every time you picture your warehouse? Wish it didn’t feel like walking onto the set of a disaster movie every time you go looking for something? It’s time to try pallet racking.


Have you like me converted to a pallet racking system already or are you still on the fence? Either way, I’d love your thoughts on this topic below and remember, it’s a big world out there but you garage is only SO big.

Thanks for Reading


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