Home Networking For A Modern Family – Part 1

If I had a dollar for every time one of the boys has asked me if they can go on either the house computer, the laptop, their iPod/iPad/iWhatever my phone, FLM,s phone… i’d be a richer person than the one writing this post. I’m thinking that i’m not alone!

This is going to be an on going series about how we’re upgrading the house to make it more user friendly for the family. I would say ‘Future Proofing the house’ but I can’t stand the saying.

Over the last few months i’ve been tossing around (no, not that sort of tossing!) ideas on how to make the house, let’s say, a bit more tech friendly. Slowly but surely the ideas have come, the research has been done, most of it got discarded due to either it’s horrendous expense, it’s crazy complexity or just because I found a better solution. But now, i’ve found myself back at square one! Aaaaaagggggrrrrrhhhhh!!!

Right, so then I started to think about it in some sort of logical way rather than just thrashing at it in a random fashion:

Does everyone need an ethernet cable plug?

Does everyone need WiFi?

Who needs a USB charger thingy?

Does the tv need access to anything?

Do I need to think about a proper server rack style of setup?

Will I have to move the Optus router?

How many sockets will I have to change? 

Shall I turn my self-built PC into a server box?

I’m making myself out to sound like a right techno geek with all of that jargon but the truth is that unless I want to pay someone thousands of dollars, which i’m not, i’ve got to learn about it, which I have. I’ve read about lots about home automation and networking and still don’t understand all the real techie jargon, but i’m learning and that’s… dangerous! 

The real question that I keep asking myself is, ‘How much is all of this going to cost?!’ The answer will out at some point so i’ll keep a tally as I go along the long and winding journey, along with striking off the jobs list too. 

I came across this video while I was searching as we’ve got all Clipsal stuff in our house and it seems like the right thing to keep it all the same. Not only that, it’s one of the best ad’s i’ve seen in ages!


Here’s the list of stuff and $ tally so far:

1 x 305m roll of Clipsal Cat 5e Cable: $131.15

1 x 100m roll speaker wire: $195.00

1 x Pr of Jaycar flush mount speakers: $79.95

1 x Clipsal USB charger: $34.00

1 x Clipsal Aerial connector: $3.47

1 x Clipsal Cat 5e Ethernet socket: $4.78

1 x Clipsal 3 gang plate $ 7.31

1 x Clipsal  socket and light switch $24.21

1 x 100m roll coaxial cable: $54.00

1 x 10pk PVC Electrical tape: $12.45

50 x Ethernet ends: $29.95

50 x Ethernet end covers: $15.50

1 x Crimping tool: $19.95

Which all adds upto a grand (running) total of: $611.72

Oh and a 24 Port ethernet switch thing: $69.99

So that makes it $681.71


Apparently it’s the initial investment that costs the most? I certainty hope so! 

Things I know that I need to buy from here are: cable channeling and telephone plug ends so I can move the Optus router as i’m buggered if i’m paying Optus $165 to do it for me! 

Have you done anything like this as i’d love some help, advice and tips if you have any?! 

I’ll come back with part 2 next week when i’ve had time to make a hole in the jobs list :)


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