Getting our Green on With Solar tiles!

We’ve been in our house about 18 months now and we’ve been looking at ways to make it more environmentally friendly… I think we may have found… A solution!

Step forward the SOLARtile

Just to be totally transparent, this is a collaboration post. Now you don’t have to believe me but i’m being totally honest with you guys, I actually looked at these tiles a while ago as a solution to our ‘Solar Problem’.  The problem being, we don’t have any solar panels… We have solar heating for our pool which is totally different. Sooooo, when they asked me to write a post I was more than happy to do so as I truly believe that these look like a genuine option for anyone thinking about installing solar panels and one that we’re seriously looking at too. 

I don’t know about you guys but here in the FastHouse, we consume a lot of energy, let’s break it down…  There’s the washing machine, the fridge freezer, the beer and ice cream fridge freezer, the TV and it’s associated paraphernalia, the plethora of ‘i‘ gadgets that need charging, computers, screens, nutribullet, the kettle and much, much, more… I have to ask myself, “How did it get to this point”?! Was I asleep”???

The Dadinator recently wrote a post on going green with solar panels (Read it here) and it got me thinking again about getting my finger out of a my proverbial and start to make some in-roads into getting this sorted. So I have, i’ve just gone onto the website and requested a quote.

We did have someone come around a few months ago asking if we would like a quote on Solar to which I replied: “Yes, that would be lovely”! Great I thought, they’ll come round, we can have a cup of tea and discuss the finer points of their particular panels and why they’re better than the rest, how much we’re going to save and possibly make from selling back, we’ll all be happy! No…

What really happened was they signed me up for a quote and then proceeded to call me daily to ask me “Are you still ok for the meeting on the such and such of whenever Mr Baker?” After the 4th call in as many days, I told them in no uncertain terms exactly what I thought of them, where they could shove their quote and what I thought of their ‘Pester Tactics’. Back to square one, Grrrr.

That accident is all behind us now and we’re going to go again and et back on the ‘Solar Bike’. 

I recently had to get up and do a spot of re-pointing of the pitch tiles which was a bit scary… I have got to get back up and do some more but I may leave that until we’ve had the quote so we can tick the ‘Roof is DONE’ box.

Now of course these guys don’t just supply solar tiles, they also supply normal roof tiles like the ones on our roof, only they look better! So if you’re in the market for a roof makeover, here’s a handy guide with a load of information on how to choose the best tiles for you. The Handy Roof Tile Guide 

I like the look of the slate ones personally.


I think the cat might have an issue hanging on though!

2014-04-18 10.33.19
You can see my colourless re-pointing! Here kitty, kitty…



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