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After much deliberation and hilarity the winner of the Family pass is…


Well who couldn’t like a fun story about an orgasm! – FLD

Well done and i’ll be in touch via email to sort out the prize.

Roll-up, roll-up!

What I have here is an Amazing potion to cure your Easter school holiday, tearing your hair out, climbing the walls, what the effing hell will I do with the kids for 2 whole weeks blues.

I am offering you a chance to win a free, yes FREE Family pass (2 (alleged) Adults and 3 Kiddy winks) to go and have marvelously spiffing time at the National Maritime Museum Sydney Family Fun day on the 7th April 2013. If you can’t make the 7th that’s no reason not to enter as you can give it to someone else who can!

With the alternatives ranging from a lifetime subscription of ‘Shop til you Drop’ to getting carted away to the local loony bin for stapling your own mouth closed so you don’t have to say: “NO, you can’t watch the bloody telly!” for the 4 millionth time, you have no excuse to not enter.

Crazy Drunk Parent
Possible alternative for school holidays!

All you have to do, and it’s dead simple is:

Tell me in 500 words or a lot less.. what is the FUNNIEST or MOST EMBARRASSING thing you have ever done that you can (Legally) share?

Given that myself and a fellow daddyblogger who shall remain nameless (ahem..
*coughs* Reservoir Dad) fronted a Harlem shake video at a recent conference I feel pretty well qualified to judge who is the the funniest of you all. Or is that embarrassing? I don’t mind which, it just needs to make me laugh!

Submit your entry in the comments section below and feel free to share this with other parenting types that might like a day out over the holidays – or anyone you know who has a really funny story that they have to tell. You could even enter for them!! Haha, what a great idea :D

Anyway, closing date for entries is 12 noon WEDNESDAY 3rd APRIL (My Birthday BTW) and the winner will be selected whilst I am celebrating (heavily) in style on reaching 28yrs of age!

Good luck and Go Wild!


In a cheesy American accent “This promotion was brought to you courtesy of Daisy Roo and Two“.


  1. Congrats Donna! Hope you enjoy your visit to the museum. And Simon, fun comp! Love the stories :)

    Carli from the Maritime Museum.

  2. There was that time in high school biology where I hadto read a page out loud……now the page called for the word organism to be used a number of times. My very embarrassed 13 yr old self confused the word with orgasm and must have said it 20 times in the space of 5 minutes. I am still traumatised by the word organism

  3. The wife and I once went to Canberra for a weekend with a mate. When we arrived at the hotel we noticed there was a piano bar and decided to head there later. After dinner we went in but found no one playing the piano. My mate and I went to the bar and my mate ordered drinks then asked the barman “shall we be seeing your pianist again this evening?” The barman (who was preparing the drinks with his back to us) froze and slowly said “I beg your pardon?” My mate quickly said “sorry, I meant your PIANO PLAYER”. The poor barman was so thrown he then stuffed up the change for the drinks FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT!

  4. I actually can’t tell you THE most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. It would take me too long to decide.

    But the time I was asked in front of the entire class what my refrigeration mechanic father did in year 3 and I replied with: “He’s an air conditioner” still haunts me…

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