Firies – A New Drama About Hot Aussie Fire Men

This time last week I had hot footed it over to Glebe fire station to see a pre-screening of the new drama from Network 10 – Firies. Pronounced ‘FIRE-REES’

Have you seen either of the first two episodes? They were on on the last two Saturday nights, about 6pm. Just in time for the kids to tune in while they’re chowing down on some good old ‘Daddy Food‘, watching some factory full of waste paper BURN TO THE GROUND! Well not quite but very nearly.

When I was at the fire station, I did get to have a bit of a look around as well as listen to the all important messages like:

Get down low and Go, Go, GO!


Change your smoke alarm batteries when the clocks change. 

The Firies recommend Duracell. I guess that’s because they’re the best. 

And don’t forget:

Slip, Slop, Slap!

Which they didn’t really say, but it’s getting more relevant now the weather is making another turn for the better.

If you are reading this from somewhere other than Australia, then these will mean, absolutely, nothing to you. The last though is from the Cancer council campaign to get people to wear sunscreen. You can view the video here.

It’s all action in the gym!

Back to the Buff looking Firies! Buff for the ladies that is… I was lucky enough to be shown around the gym which has a number of pictures of the great man himself, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime to serve as motivation for the men and women who frequent the Glebe Fire Station Sweat House on the first floor. I was led to believe that they set themselves challenges, you know, to keep the motivation and also to keep the element of competition firing.

Arnie is something of a Hero to the Glebe boys… and why not!

The latest competition is to do – 100 Burpees per day. I’ll give this a go next week when my pelvis has settled back down into it’s proper position. The burpee challenge was set by one of the stars of the show from Glebe, Jules. He’s the strong silent type but raised a rye smile when confronted about his new found fame on the series. I think the smile was more about the pain that the challenge will inflict on his colleagues.

Jules, the strong silent one!

Here’s a clip of the first episode if you didn’t see it:

 You can watch the Firies catchup here

 Thanks for reading.


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