Finish With The Right Stuff Kids!

That’s the message from the NSW Health Department.

The Fast Kids and I would like to say a HUGE thanks to the NSW Health department for inviting us to a sunny morning at the SCG. I think if it wasn’t for the invite the bloody rain would have kept up and kept us indoors again. So Praise Be for the SCG! Unless England are playing cricket… 

Playing Netball at the SCG?!
Playing Netball at the SCG?!

So the reason we were there was to see what they’re up to with this new campaign. Basically they want to stop kids smashing sweets and chips and fizzy rubbish after their games of sport and help them to make better, healthier choices. Did you know that 1 in 5 kids in NSW schools are classified overweight or obese? You do now!

Here’s the website to find out about the campaign and also how to get your kids teams involved: Finish With The Right Stuff

They’ve called it “Finish with the right stuff” and the ambassadors of this initiative are 3 of NSW finest sports exports, in the shape of:

1, The full of life and energy and former Sydney Swan legend, Mr Jude Bolton

2, Queen of the Netball courts and current Captain of the NSW Swifts, Ms Kimberlee Green

3, Former Parramatta Eel superstar, motor bike riding and all round dead set legend, Mr Nathan Hindmarsh

Finish With the Right Stuff Ambassadors
Having a Laugh in the canteen!

The boys were particularly taken with Jude, they’ve all played AFL and are Swans fans, so he was the big draw for them. On the walk back from where we’d been playing however, we were walking close to ‘Hiney’ (we’ve spent 10 mins together so we’re close!) and he was talking with a couple of younger kids. They were bagging the Eels, saying that the Sharks were better blah, blah and he was being funny and cool about it, which was great for my boys to see. It shows me that they’ve got the right role models for the campaign.

I do reckon that Hiney could have eaten the kid as a snack though… He’s a unit!

For anyone who’s interested, I managed to grab Jude for 5 minutes to lick him get an interview for the radio show. I asked him about his former coaches, what he’s upto to keep him busy, his time doing the Sydney to Hobart and a few other things. 

That’s all in the 2 audio clips below for your listening pleasure.

Jude meets Fast Lane Dad
I hurt my arm. He’s that HARD!



So if you’re part of a club that puts on food after sport then you can get involved here. There are incentives and menus to help your club provide better options for all your budding Judes, Hineys and Kimberlees and the like, so they grow up, not out!

I’ll be forwarding this to all the clubs that we’re part of, including the Football (Soccer!) clubs, so they can help my boys and the teams they play for. Good work NSW Govvie for tackling obesity. I was hoping for a funny line here but I couldn’t think of one!

I know, something like:

Tackling fatties, not fitties!

Got better?? In the comments then :)

Oh yea and it was also good to catch up with mummy blogger and now TV starlet Mrs Woog and her boys. We also meet one of the lovely ladies from MumsTakeFive. You should check them out.

After we left the SCG, we paid a trip to Manly. Where we had a Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Sugar, Tom & Jerry’s double scoop ice cream ;) 




If you liked the interview, here’s a sporting program I did for FM99.3 a while back called ‘The Sports Score‘ 


  1. Thanks for the shout matey :)
    Was great to share a nice healthy lunch with you and the lads in the lovely grounds of the SCG.
    although you could have asked us to icecream!!
    Catch you at the next one


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