Who’s ready for summer?

I know that spring has yet to spring but there’s no harm in being prepared and organised is there. And if winter here in Australia is anything to go by then you’ll be changing your wardrobe some time soon!

I had a look in my wardrobe last week and found these… my well worn, slightly smelly and very grotty Havaianas!

Havianas Thongs, Jandals or Flipflops.


They came with me on the plane from Ingerland just under 3 years ago where they didn’t get much use at all. Slippers mostly.

Now don’t laugh because I also found this… Oh, no sorry I can’t show you that ;)

I can show you my next pair of flipflops though and these are they. A much more robust proposition compared to the Havaianas above were the Ripcurl pair a purchased from the ‘Sale Rail’ down in the Manly store. (I still love the fact that Manly AUSTRALIA is just down the road :))

2013-08-26 08.37.31

And now I have a lovely new pair of thongs for the spring and summer  that look like this… I would show you  with my feet in but I wouldn’t want to make you recoil in horror so i’ll spare you from that.

2013-08-26 09.00.37

Which leads me nicely to the fact that for reading this you get the chance to go into the draw to WIN a brand new NOT EVEN RELEASED IN AUSTRALIA YET pair of these FitFlops for men. Either for yourself, your dad, your husband, your partner, your lover, your significant other or whatever you call him. I have been wearing them for most of the last week and i’m not just saying it because i’m giving them away but they are really comfortable… and make me look about 1.5″ taller! They also have a velcro adjustment strap on the side which if you’re like me and have a wider foot makes it so really easy to keep them a nice foot fit. And they have some sort of wobbleboard technology thing inside that stops your feet aching. Seems to work for me so far.

Let’s put it this way I’ll be wearing them for the next 12months without any fear of them giving me any problems given my experience so far.

So here we go, all you have to do is answer the question about my Breakfast Radio Show below, pop your email address in the box and Robert’s your fathers brother. It couldn’t be any more simple… said Simon.

Thanks for reading and good luck in the draw.

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