Well, well, well.. If you had told me that I would go to a conference, meet a group of people that would help me understand the true meaning of what it actually is to be a blogger and that i’d have a brilliant time to boot I would have said you were “As mad as a bucket of fish”!

After a couple of slow months here on the blog I decided that it was time to get my butt into gear and crack on with it. When i’m actually ‘doing it’ (writing on the blog!) I really love the feeling of creating and crafting a post, tweaking it, pressing the publish button and setting it free to find it’s own way through the ‘Tinterwebs’ SO WHY HAVEN”T YOU BEEN DOING IT THEN SIMON???

Purely and simply that with the Fastkids, working, the house and the radioshow I was just too short of time. Haha, said like a true procrastinator! Well all i can say is Balls to all that and if anyone has any great time management advice i’m all ears.

I digress.. back to the conference. DPCON13 was – as I said in the title, down right Awesome! From the get go with the Keynote by Jono Fisher from WakeUp Sydney giving it large about kindness and “Paying it forward”, which essentially means think of others by sending a card, a message or anything to someone/anyone without it having to be for anything and you will get it back, again without it being ‘For’ something and i’m sure you know what it feels like to receive a little something completely un-solicited, I know i do and it feels great. So go on, I challenge you to pay it forward!

Curzon Hall full of Bloggers

After that we had tonnes of panel discussions and breakout sessions that covered topics from Legal advice to Daddy Blogging and everything in-between with plenty of topics to keep everyone happy. My personal favorite was the Trolling session that was moderated by my new Daddy Blogger mate Reservoir Dad. A tricky subject that was well discussed by the panel which included some of Australia’s biggest blogging names, Retro Mummy, Woogs World and Where’s my Glow. Well done to all.

Talking Trolls at DPCon13

The Daddy Bloggers had a stint on the stage which I actually wasn’t supposed to be on but managed to gatecrash! Thanks to Reservoir Dad, Tackle Nappy and Baby Mac for taking it easy on me as a ‘Ring In. I am now a proud member of the ‘Daddy Blogger Realm’. Thanks for the initiation ceremony boys!

A few other shout outs must go to (In chronological order), Katie180 for being a cool chic and good fun to chat to about Ram positioning.. Look at the photos. Daisy from Daisy Roo and two for nearly stealing my phone and being great table company, along with Jess from Essentially Jess, Yvette from Little Bento Blog who not only had an unlimited supply of pens for anyone who was needy, but was also great fun. I could go on and on and on and on but the links would be worth even less than they are now for those that know their Blogging SEO. You guys know who you all are and I thanks you for the memories. Finally to Brenda, Melissa and the team at Digital Parents for putting on a great conference and I look forward to 2014!

I’ll leave you with this..

It’s been Emotional, FastLaneDad

Fastlanedad DPCON13 Photos

#DPCon13 Twitter feed


  1. We never had a chance to meet but I realised who you were after the harlem shake. Thank you for starting that great insanity! Hope to see around!

    1. You and about 150 other people Kristyn!

      I didn’t work alone with the Harlem Shake concept, i had Reservoir dad as an accomplice!

      Good times and yes i’m sure i’ll see you around.

      Thanks for visiting.


  2. Searching the DPC dude sites to see how the Harlem Shake meme turned out. Brilliant! I think you need to write for Wheels Magazine. – Top Blog Fastlanedad!

    1. Haha, thanks mother rucker. I’ll send them a link to the harlem shake and we’ll see what they come back with!

      Thanks for the visit and hopefully we’ll see you again.


    1. The venue and the people made it easy to have an Awesome time Brenda. So a big thanks to you and the team for making it so.

      Bring on #dpcon14 is my final word.


  3. Thank YOU all for making it such a pleasure for me.

    Daisy – Run for the hills as yes the STORM is coming!!

    Res D – I couldn’t have done it without you mate, everyone needs a straight guy yes ;)

    Yvette – Pool shark. That’s all :D

    Thanks for the memories and lets do it again in ’14. I might have recovered by then!

  4. Cool write up mate. YOU were one of the main highlights of the conference for me this year. And for some others as well. The DP guys should sign you up next year to guarantee some return attendees. Rocking the topless Harlem Shake and crashing the bar! Very cool man and a pleasure to hang out.

  5. Oh yes, phone stealer extraordinaire! How awesome are blogging conferences! I’ve had some slow months on my blog too (slow year really) but I love how motivated I am now I’m home and all the ideas from dpcon are percolating!

    Was great to meet you – you Daddy Bloggers are going to be taking the Aussie parenting blog world by STORM in the next year, just you wait and see!


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