DIY Budget Backyard Transformation Ideas 

Want to transform your backyard but don’t have the money for all the costs involved? There are many different ways you can give your backyard a makeover without spending too much money.You could do some simple plant makeovers, or re-mulch, but for a little more wow factor you can go DIY.

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Going DIY

The easiest way to save money when doing makeovers or renovations is to do it yourself. Transformations you do on your own can be exciting and extremely rewarding. Get yourself some good quality tools, like the ones made by Ryobi, and start on some of these great transformation ideas. – This is always the preferred method in the FastHouse. With FastGrandy on hand to provide the majority of the brain and a good slice of the brawn, there aren’t many jobs that we can’t manage.

Deck the Yard

Decks are great for entertaining and the perfect place to relax. Dads building decks may well be the butt of a whole collection of jokes, but it is a great way to transform your backyard on a budget without too much experience. The great thing about doing backyard renovations is you can generally go at your own pace and take as long as you like. For the inexperienced it can take a long time, but it isn’t too difficult once you get started.


Painting is something just about anyway can do. All you have to do is hit the wall, let it dry, then hitit again. Easy. And most of the time all you need for a transformation is a fresh coat of paint to rejuvenate the space. You can even go abstract and artist while you paint, adding your own special touch to the area. Paint everything, not just the walls. From poles holding up the roof to pots and even furniture.

Make a Statement Piece

Go for a drive and find something that you think has potential. It could be something like a fallen tree or a crazy piece of furniture you find at the rubbish tip. Invest a bit of time into sprucing it up and suddenly you have a new item for your yard, whether it’s something the kids can play on or something that is guaranteed to get a reaction from guests.

Outdoor Rooms

For the more experienced DIYers, or the more adventurous, you might even consider an outdoor room a transformative addition to the backyard. A space outside of the house, where you can relax and get away from daily stresses, especially technology. It can range from something as simple as four connecting posts with some thick cloth over the top to keep out the weather, or to more technical rooms, completely enclosed with solid walls and roof. Like a man cave!

Bat Man Cave


Arches provide great decoration to an outdoor area. They are great placements in garden beds and especially over garden paths. They are a chance to be artistic in your DIY project. You can do just about anything to them. They can have complex pattern or be as simple as you can imagine. Perfect both for beginners and more advanced builders.

There is a lot you can do on a budget to transform your backyard. DIY projects are a great way to give yourself something to do, learn new skills and make over your backyard all at once.

What have you done to make over your backyard?

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