[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast month FLM and the boys decided to surprise me with an impromptu visit to Terrey Hills (Sydney Northern Beaches) for what I assumed was a trip to a garden centre or some such place for breakfast and maybe even a cheeky coffee. How wrong I was…

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s it turned out they were setting me up for a cheeky little surprise that involved an array of exotica. No, it wasn’t a trip to the chocolate shop, or the shop that sells exceedingly expensive push bikes, it was to go and visit Cavallinos Italian restaurant. It wasn’t a special day or anything like that, and as it turned out, at 10am on the first Sunday of every month we were too late for the surprise anyway! We were supposed to be, well, I was supposed to be dribbling over a wonderful array of beautiful machines from far and wide that congregate on the first Sunday of the month at the aforementioned restaurant for Cars and Coffee. Sadly they had all disappeared and we were left to view the stragglers which happened to be…

This cheeky McLaren 650S which to us petrol heads is just un-be-lievably cool! 

2014-07-06 11.30.33

and there was also the brand new electric Tesla which I thought i’d taken a video of but I can’t find it… so here’s an official shot.

Tesla S

So it wasn’t all bad. As it happened we went  to the cafe round the corner for a lovely breakfast so it all worked out well.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his month was a totally different story. As i’ve been donning my lycra and going out regularly with some other M.A.M.I.L types on my bicycle, and the fact that the this months fell on Fathers day, I was definitely NOT going to miss this months cars and coffee vehicle extravaganza. Come rain or shine!

And rain it did. Bugger me, from about 2 minutes after I left the house on my bike, it didn’t stop raining until about 5 minutes before we got to my Sunday morning Mecca. We call the ride an R.T.B (Round The Block) which in total is about 45km’s taking in some of the finest roads the Northern Beaches has to offer. Most of which go up! When we arrived we were greeted by a huge array of wonderful machinery ranging from a Split screen Combi van through to the latest in Italian Exotica from Lamborghini and Ferrari. I managed a few shots on the phone whilst making the owners a little nervous as I walked past with my bike in one hand and camera in the other, no damage to the bike you’ll be pleased to hear.

Here’s my album from the morning and if you are at all interested in cars and want to take your kids to something that’s really informal and friendly then this is it. Thanks to the guys and girls at Cavallinos and Sydney Automobile Club for putting on such a great event and i’m already looking forward to the next one.

Oh yes, which car do you think won the Peoples choice award for this month? 


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