Car Games for Kids and More Survival Tips

I’ve opening up the blog to a guest post today and today’s guest blogger is Bel from the mum’s blog – Mums Take Five She’s going to tell us how to survive the boredom on those long trips we often subject ourselves too! 

Take it away Bel…

Are we there yet? Surviving Boredom on long trips

Long car trips with kids – “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Hearing this from the back seat half an hour into a twelve hour car trip is like hearing there is no coffee first thing in the morning. Its not good!

I kinda love us all getting in the car and going for a big drive but I am now better prepared and I can get us all there without the threat of “I’ll stop the car here and you can get out” and we usually all get to our destination tired but stress free.

Here’s a few things to do to keep your kids entertained in the car. Whether its a half hour trip or a twelve hour interstate trek having a few ideas for when things start to get a little “boring” can save everyone’s sanity.


1.The Traditional Car Games

‘I spy’ is always a good one. “I spy with my little eye something starting with …T…” Great for kids older than five.

‘I Spy’ with colours. “I spy with my little eye something that is ..Green..” We use this one when everyone is a little tired and its great for Preschoolers.


2. Sing Along

An oldie but a goodie. Young kids love hearing Mum and Dad being farm animals but three full rounds of Old Mac Donald is cringe worthy so have a few songs or nursery rhymes in your head before you start. If your kids have a nursery rhyme book throw it in the car so you don’t have to think too hard.

If you have a Preschool or Childcare child a couple of days before you go just ask the teachers what songs they’ve been singing recently. Give yourself a heads up before they start demanding you sing the song with the tree in it …????


3. Book CD

Our Library has a great collection of books on CD. Even the kids ones. This is great for the NEED for quiet times. I love getting the Roland Dahl Stories read by him, they are so entertaining and preschool to adults enjoy his stories.

You can also buy these book CDs online or in good book stores. I have a couple of classics like Three Little Pigs and the Jungle Book in the car all the time if we get stuck in traffic or have a long drive its easy to put on for the little ones.


4. Food

I know that’s an easy out but if in doubt I throw food back there and they’re happy for a while. Keep your snacks well hidden so they don’t know they are there and if you have a range of small things you can stretch them out for a long time. Fruit bars, little packets of Smarties, home made cookies, little packets of crackers, nuts, even a sandwich and some fruit will keep them busy. If you go crazy about crumbs in the car then plan your snacks.

Everyone has a water bottle with them when we get in the car. Yes this sometimes results in someone guzzling their 500mls and we have to stop every half hour for the next few hours BUT its just water and its a one minute stop on the side of the road. They were obviously thirsty!

I do keep a spare bottle in the car in case someone runs out because its usually me that has to give up mine.


5. Books & Drawing

Books are good for little ones. A selection of small picture books are great for those that don’t read. Joke books are great for the bigger ones. Not too much reading but very entertaining. Can also be entertaining for everyone else in the car.

Drawing and colouring books are great too. Only problem we have is leaning on something and losing the colours. If you have those magnetic drawing boards they are so good for the car. Great for the little ones and when they are bored and you can play naughts and crosses or hangman with the bigger ones.


There are lots of ways to keep everyone happy on long car trips. A little planning can save you hours of going crazy and you’ll all arrive at your destination happy and sane.


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You can keep up with the girls over on their awesome blogMT5use


Thanks for the tips Bel!

Some great car games and tips for keeping the kids entertained there. I’ll be using these as my baseline for our next camping trip :)

“Are there any special games that you play on those long journeys that you could add to the list?” 



  1. Sorry to dig up an old post but I’ve been reading a few of these sorts of articles recently, and I have to mention that this one is by far one of the better ones I have seen.

    Some of the more traditional games that could of been mentioned and what I actually use to play as a child were things like the alphabet game where you can either look out for any cars that have number plates that begin with a certain letter, or another twist is trying to spot car number plate letters that go in order of the alphabet such as from A-Z etc which is great for killing some time and keeping them quiet!

    Although it does seem kids these days even at a very young age own ipads and iphones etc My nephew surprised me just how much he knew about technology on these devices at such a young age!

  2. I used to have one of those stable table trays for car trips so my step mum and I could play hangman and so I could do some colouring in!
    Love the audio book idea! The BFG would be great!!!

    1. Stable tray! Now that’s a great one i’d forgotten about. Thank you Sheridan :)
      Yes the audio books ARE great, we’ve got the Roald Dahl collection and it’s fab.

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