Boys Haircuts

This is where things can get a little, well crazy, if you let it! Do you choose your boys haircut or do you let your boy? If it’s left to them when they’re young, let’s face it, it could go all sorts of wrong!

Our boys each have they’re own ‘Look’ and god help anyone who tries to get in the way. It’s only a fairly recent thing for Fast Kid 2 but FK1 and FK3 have been choosing theirs for quite a while now and I must say that on the whole, they look pretty smart. That is of course until we’re 2 months down the road from their last trim and we’re into either the ‘pony-tail‘ stage, the ‘I can’t see‘ stage or both!

A debate rose up a couple of years ago about whether hair across one eye could cause irreparable damage to the eye that it was covering. No really it did, here’s the link – Hair Article – One expert said that it did and then more than one expert said that it didn’t… Expert(s) my Ar5e! As long as they can’t bloody chew on it, then it’s fine by us. 

Here are 3 of 2015’s most popular boys haircuts or ‘fashions’ – ‘Snort‘ – if you will:

The Justin Bieber pompadour

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Victoria Beckham’s oldest son Brooklyn and Bruno Mars are all rocking the pompadour. This look does require more work; however, your son may love busting out the Lynx hair styling products to show off this cool look.

*TIP* Tell your hairstylist that you want the hair cut shorter on the sides, but kept longer on the top. Or just ask them to turn you into a ‘Belieber‘! 

Long surfer hair

Cindy Crawford’s son Presley
Surf’s up, bro!
Cindy Crawford’s son Presley shows off his model-perfect looks with his long surfer hairstyle. This style works best on hair that is naturally straight or that has just a bit of wave apparently! Let’s face it, if it’s good enough for Cindy….

*TIP* Ask your hair dresser for long layers, using a razor to get an edgy deconstructed look. As far as styling, you can air dry it (because no one has time to use a hairdryer before school!) and then style his hair with a side part and he is ready to hit the schoolyard!


The “Harry Styles” hairdo

That’s one head of hair, Harry! One Direction singer Harry Styles has started a new hair craze with his shaggy bedhead hairdo. This hairstyle is perfect for kids whose hair has a natural curl or wave to it. This hairstyle doesn’t require much work — in fact, you can practically let them roll out of bed and they are ready to go!

Harry Styles

*TIP* Use fingers to tousle the hair for the shaggy look and for the side fringe hairstyle, comb hair to the side first, then tousle the hair.

I reckon our Harry will be mostly using a mousse to create his style but what do I know! I know that he’ll probably have a raft of young female hairdressers lining up to run their fingers through his shaggy mane *WOOF WOOF*!

What style(s) are your kids sporting at the moment? The Pompador, The Styles, the surf dude, or something different?


  1. We just had the twins’ air cut again. Mom won’t let me do it at home with the clippers anymore…lol. If you can figure out why children’s hair salons can charge 10.00 more for a child’s cut, let me know! lol.

    1. Hey Kevin, i’m on the last throws of being able to use the clippers too. Not sure why they charge more, maybe it’s because they’re a specialist! I’ve found a Chinese barber that will cut the boys for $15ea so i’m happy enough with that :)
      Thanks for dropping by.

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