Hi there and thanks for playing the Celebrity Birthdays game!

Here are the correct answers to the Celebrities born on July 30th as said by Wikipedia:

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Who can you name?

Top Left = Nicky Hayden – Former MotoGP World Champion who is now an average MotoGP rider but still a nice bloke.
Top Right = Kate Bush – Famous singer with a really high voice.
Bottom Right = Allan Langer – Famous Australian Rugby player, brother of a famous golfer Bernhard?
Bottom Left = Arnold Schwarzenegger – Allegedly Steroid filled action hero who married the Heir to Heinz Beans fortune.

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How many can you name?

Top Left = Henry Ford – Founder of Ford Motor Company (Fix Or Repair Daily).
Top Right = Daley Thompson – Brilliant Decathlete and piss poor racing driver.
Bottom Right = Graham MacDowell – GMac to his mates.. Hi Graham.
Bottom Left = Jurgen Klinsmann – Mullet headed footballing legend and rival to our own Tom Daley for his diving.

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That's the full set

Top Left = Emily Brontë – Novelist, poet and inspiration for Kate’s hit single.
Top Right = Simon Baker – Mind reading Australian dreamboat.. Sorry, I was mixing him up with me ;)
Bottom Right = James Anderson – Scurge of Australian batsmen.
Bottom Left = Justin Rose – First time golf Major winner earlier this year.

That’s it folks, thanks for playing and how did you do?


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