Avast Ye Land Lubbers, It’s The Sydney Boat Show Review

So over the past month or so we, the boys and I, have been really looking forward to visiting the Sydney International Boat Show. And courtesy of d’Albora Marinas we did.

“Hey boys, come and have a look at this beauty over here” I say.

“Wow dad, that’s cool. When can we get one?” The boys say. 

“When we win the Lottery.” I say.

A couple of budding James Bonds
A couple of budding James Bonds

That was that as far as asking when we can get a boat that’s the size of a mid sized house and costing nearly as much as a huge one. It’s unbelievable to think that the 80ft yachts can command such high prices but then again, they are akin to a floating palace with every mod-con and luxury available. Including a boot. Yes a boot, for a smaller boat so they can go ashore easily. It really is a different world out there isn’t it.

It's a boat, with a boot.
It’s a boat, with a boot.

As soon as we got to the show we went and visited the guys on the d’Albora stand to put some faces to names and said “Hi” to Clemens from the Spit and Akuna Bay marinas. He’d had been kind enough to give us a guided tour of the Spit marina that he so proudly looks after. You can read about that and the James Bond boat here 

The d'Albora ladies
The d’Albora L’adies

When we got there the d’Albora L’adies were more than happy to dress us all up and do this… 

They also stocked us up with sweet and sugary lovely-ness and also drinks to keep us buzzing during our visit to the show. Thanks L’adies, you were brill.

We farewelled the d’Albora crew, after FK3 had made them walk the plank, and headed for Glebe Island to see what treasure could be plundered, I mean gazed upon, yes that’s it, gazed upon… 

After a short ferry ride, which I thought really added to the whole experience, we docked at the new Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island. I wasn’t sure what we’d find there but my fears were misplaced as it wasn’t like a scene out of Cast Away it was all shiny new and sparkly.

Thankfully we weren't greeted by a voodoo vollyball
Thankfully we weren’t greeted by a voodoo vollyball

Once inside it was like an Aladdin’s cave of treasure, Ooh Arrrrr. Firstly we encountered the desk lubbers who were guarding the treasure and so we quickly despatched them off the rigging and then made our way down to see what jewels we could plunder…

Land Lubbers that we despatched...
Land Lubbers that we despatched…

Here follows a slideshow of the treasure we would have liked to have plundered… but we’re actually too nice.

So that was the story of the Sydney International Boat show 2014 from the Fast Lane Family perspective. We had fun, saw some things that made us go WOW and enjoyed some fun in the sun at Darling Harbour. I think it’s good to get out and experience new stuff on a regular basis and if it wasn’t for d’Albora we probably wouldn’t have come. So thank you guys, I hope the show was everything you wanted it to be and I know you’ll continue to be successful as you’re a really lovely and genuine bunch of people who have the customer at heart.

That’s our tall tail from dockside land lubbers and it was left to this pair of scallywags to help some 2D children cross the road. Arrrrr.

Doing their good deed for the day.
Doing their good deed for the day whilst miming.

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