Are your kids eating 7 a day?

I know that mine aren’t. How about you? As the parent that cooks and looks after the kids, I find it an almost daily battle sometimes to get the Fast Kids to eat enough fresh fruit and veg. I am probably borderline too so i’m going to have to get a grip or the kids will form bad habits where snacks are concerned.

I recently read a survey by Roy Morgan (Link below) that said most people aged 14+ don’t eat two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables each day. They reckon that only 2% of the Australian population does. Frankly i’m not surprised! Seven portions of fruit and veg a day is enough to put anyone off, who’s got time to prepare all of that, let alone eat it. Sheesh…

I personally believe that seven portions is excessive and also bloody hard to maintain as an adult, let alone trying to get them into the kids. I am a believer that a balanced diet is a must and that treats should remain that, a treat. It wasn’t long ago that Five-A-Day was the accepted amount. I still use this as a minimum when I can to be fair.

This is where we as parents have to get our shizzle together as it’s not really the fruit side of things that’s proving the problem, it’s the veg. That BLOODY VEG! 

If your house is anything like ours then it’s rare for all of the people, to like all of the food, all of the time. Yes? I thought so. So this is where i’m at with the still, ‘Picky’ ones.

“That’s OK son, you leave that piece of cauliflower on your plate and i’ll forget the password to the computer, and or the WiFi. OK”. *Smiley Face*

This isn’t a rant, it’s more of a release of steam and also a kick up my own backside to keep it front of mind during the day, when i’m preparing or at least thinking about the evening meal. 

I’m now going to put down some ideas that I/you can use to smuggle veggies and fruit into the little darlings with them either in full knowledge or not.

  1. Have carrots, cucumber, snow peas ready prepared in the fridge for afternoon tea / snacking – Simple yet very effective.
  2. Blend up leftover veg and use it in a spaghetti bolognese – Sneaky!
  3. Fruit on breakfast cereals – Like in the main pic.
  4. Buy an Apple Slinky machine – I’ve got to find ours…
  5. When making a smoothie or similar, slide in some extras – Avocado is normally good at hiding. 
  6. Make a fruit salad more often – I LOVE fruit salad. Sugar syrup, apple juice or orange juice? That is the question.
  7. Make myself use what’s in the veggie drawer – I’m a bugger for letting some stuff go rotten.
  8. Vegetables first, meat second when planning a meal – I heard this recently and like it.
  9. Make the veg kid friendlyAdd sugar. I’m joking, maybe mash it, roast it, chop it differently, use a cake tin shaper…
  10. Take the kids shopping for veg and have them choose – Might be harder than I imagine but i’ll give it a try.
  11. Fruit for pudding – Not the ice cream.
  12. Salad is veg – Fast Kid 3 tried balsamic for the first time last week and now he’s loving salad. After all we’ve tried! 


There we go, strategies. I sporadically do some of the above already and so will now make myself be a more consistent food providing parent. Or CFPP for short. 

I bet my mate Jude still eats healthily.

Jude meets Fast Lane Dad
I hurt my arm. He’s that HARD!

And now i’m off to the shops!


You can download the Roy Morgan survey data here


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