It will be just as sad a day on the Blue side of Merseyside as it was today it was on the Red side of Manchester..

If David Moyes does go then I for one will be at the front of the queue thanking him for his immense contribution to our beloved club and wishing him every success. He fully deserved to win something with Everton but given the lack of resources the club has had at it’s disposal against the deep, well lined pockets that many other clubs in the Premier league have, it was always going to be tough.

Never one to back away from the tough conversations be them internally or externally he is always the first to protect his team like they are his own children. And if there are any parenting tips to come from this then be them that.

Leave your emotion at the door when you leave the house.

Don’t beat up your kids for being tinkers when you’re out, just smile and take it while trying not to blow a gasket. Have a little word in their ear that you won’t embarrass them in front of their friends (and potentially yourself in front of yours!), you’ll have a ‘chat’ with them when you’re home.. ‘Moyes Style’.

They’ll soon get the message that playing up when out is not a good idea and it also gives you a chance to calm down and be rational(ish) when you talk to them about their behaviour in the safe haven of home and not ‘in the heat of the moment’. It’s not easy to begin with but i’ve found it works really well, you just have to remember to have the chat! I normally text or email myself.

Anyway. David Moyes will always be a legend to all Everton fans. To the Man Utd fans, if you’re reading this then may I say that you’re a lucky group of supporters who i’m sure will make the man feel right at home and please remember that he isn’t Sir Alex Ferguson.. he is David Moyes and never ever forget that ‘In Moyes we trust’.

I’ll let Sir Alex tell you himself what he thinks of David Moyes..

#inmoyeswehavetrusted #COYB #moyesstyle

For now lets rejoice with the Zcars theme that (if appointed) David Moyes will hear for the final time this weekend at will be his final Everton home game. :'(

Good Luck David and thanks for the memories.. if you leave that is!


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