A Break from the norm…

This week I have decided to go water based. No, i’ve not gone all FastKid1 and found my inner Picasso, i’ve decided that for this week I will only drink water. That’s not to say that the odd splash of milk won’t pass my lips when eating cereal but there will be NO BEER, NO WINE, there’s the 2 biggies out of the way! NO TEA OR COFFEE and NO SPIRITS… How will I cope I manage I hear you cry?

Well, a mixture of occupying my time by: 

  • Writing
  • Looking a nude pictures of my wife
  • Maybe read a book
  • Watching old episodes of TJ Hooker
  • Spend more time with the boys
  • Self harming  
  • Working out
  • Finish the videos i’ve been taking with the new action cameras
  • Watch other people’s videos. Then procrastinate about the fact that i’ll never be that funny/useful/cool and curl up in a ball and cry.
  • Stop crying and drink a beer…

NO!!!! No I WON”T do that because that’s for weak people who give in and for this week and this week only, (maybe next week too!)  i’m not that person. I am the person that can and will!

I will drink water from as many different vessels as possible and if you would like to join in, post your picture to Twitter with the hashtag #FLDWater  I can’t work out how to get 

The person with the funniest one will win… nothing! I will however give you all lots of shoutouts/retweets/regrams across my social accounts so we can get more people involved and more crazy vestibules used :)

There may be blood, watch this space…


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