Hi there, i’m Simon Baker a thirty something Dad who looks after his 3 boys and want’s to tell his story online. Well, most of the story at least!

FastLaneDad and The FastLaneKids posing!
FastLaneDad and The FastLaneKids posing!

So what about me? Well, I have worked most of my life in the Automotive sector in a number of roles from body (smash) repairs trainee to Branch Manager of the largest of a 25 store motor accessory chain. A winding path led me through the years and I touched on a number of other aspects of motoring, the main one being Motor Racing.

Motor Racing had been a passion from an early age when I would got to watch my dad race and help prep his car or was it just polish it? Upto the age of about 16 it was definitely just polish it and ever since rolling around the sides of race tracks up and down the country i’ve been hooked.

George Elliot - Fastlanedad and Fastrack Racing - FastLaneDad
George and Simon posing in the sun.

Once I got behind the wheel myself at 21 I never looked back (apart from when I couldn’t afford it). Mainly due to there being no one behind me in the early days! The more I raced, the more I improved. So much so that I managed to Win a Championship in every season I raced so 4 years, 4 championships. That led to other higher profile Championship series ‘One offs’ where I caused a few upsets. I was also named as Motoring News (UK weekly motorsport paper) ‘One to Watch’ for 2004 and another highlight was that I was a question in that years Christmas edition Crossword :) I’ll dig out some photo’s when I find the time..

The money pot ran dry and although it felt like having something removed, like an arm… I still look back on those days as some of the best of my whole life. It was my definitely my equivalent of going travelling.

That story is let’s say, to be continued…

A lot of water has passed since the selfish, hedonistic days of motor racing and if that has taught me anything… it’s that I should have enjoyed them more!

Since then I met the girl, inherited 3 brilliant boys who I adore, have moved to Australia and am now carving out 4 new careers and we’re also getting married next year. Read all about the proposal here.

1 – Being the best dad I can possibly be.
2 – Working in SEO and Social media.
3 – Being a Daddy/Car/Tech Blogger.
4 – A radio announcer / DJ.

If you had said to me 6 years ago where my life was headed then I would not have picked any of this, it really has been a sea change.

That’s all I have for you for the moment and i’ll update this page as the story unfolds. Until then, please enjoy the blog (please send through any feedback – I mean it!), have a laugh at the various going’s on with the FastFamily on the Daddy Blog, tune into my Radio show if you can (I do requests :)), Have a poke around in the reviews and keep up with the my car addiction! I occasionally get my hands dirty with DIY jobs like most of us have to when time allows

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