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Fantasy Father’s Day – Fastlanedad

I’m delighted to have been asked, along with 9 other fellow Aussie Daddy Bloggers to take part in a Fantasy Fathers day Challenge where we can WIN a day out courtesy of Magshop.

Here’s the thing though, you can WIN SOMETHING too! Yes that’s right, by voting on one of our entries (Hopefully this one!) over on the Fantasy Father’s Day Voting page (link at the bottom) you will go into the draw to WIN a monthly magazine subscription of your choice.

Here is my entry for the Fantasy Fathers Day Competition, I hope you like it!

It was a dark and stormy night and Captain said to his mate “Mate, mate, tell us a tale.” And the tale when something like this… To bring my Fantasy Fathers Day to reality I would need nothing more than my 3 boys, my beautiful partner a vivid imagination and some help from Doctor Who… Firstly in the lead-up the to the great day, the boys would be packed off to the geneticist so that they could all have the “No.” response gene modified to the “Of course dad (or mom), anything else I can help you with?” gene. I know most of you secretly want that one changing too, so as soon as I’ve paid for the research I’ll be stacking it high and selling it cheap.

Press play on Rene & Renato below before you read on, it adds to the ambiance… 

On fathers day…

I would be woken by the cats singing Renee & Renato’s ‘Save your love’ falsetto, dressed as musketeers. Then as I’m wiping the sleep from my eyes, FastLaneMom would usher in the FastKids bringing me a delicious breakfast. Freshly whipped up by them and non other than Heston Blumenthal who had been beavering away since about 3am. Whipping up a gastanomically delightful scrambled egg and bacon ice-cream which would start the day as we mean to go on… bizzarly! The kids quite liked it too. After Breakfast we hop into the Tardis, yes that’s right it’s Doctor Who’s weapon of choice when it comes to transport for the day and off we go to round up the other dad’s in my life – my dad, step-dad and Granddad because this day is as much about them and if this were to be reality then I’d want them involved.

The Outlaws

As the head of the clan, Gramps get’s to choose first

and it’s a BIG surprise here when he says, “You know son, I’d like to go the Wicky, Wicky,Wild Wild, west and shake hands with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid! Far out Gramps we collectively say, that’s Wicky, Wicky, Wicked! The date is set back to 1896, the machine is wound up, a couple of things are hit with a hammer and off we go!!! I have to say that they were complete gentlemen and they even had a pretend gun fight with the boys who took their NERF guns! FLM was worried momentarily, for the outlaws that is as the boys get pretty scary when in MAXIMUM ATTACK mode!

If you’d care to stop Rene & Renato caterwauling above – if you haven’t done-so already – and play these guys now before you read the next bit please. Again, I think it adds to the story…

Fantasy Father's Day Transport

Step-dad is up next

and he’s always wanted to see things a little differently so it’s off to outer space for this and we’re going to watch Halleys comet at close quarters. Back to February 9th 1986 we go for the last perihelion or visit as I would say!

All I have going round in my head at this point is the song you’re listening to, which if you haven’t guessed yet is  ‘The futures so bright, I gotta wear shades’ by Timbuk 3.

It’s a good job the Tardis has reactolite glass as we’d all be toast. The kids are blown away by this one… Why wouldn’t you be! Good choice Woody.

Peter Brock Bathurst 1984

Dad’s turn now

and he’s always been a petrol head so it’s back in time to Mount Panorama 1984 where he could watch non other than Peter Brock win his 8th Bathurst. He would then be lucky enough to meet the great man who would offer him the chance to have a drive in his race winning Holden Commodore the lucky so and so! Sorry dad, we ain’t got time for Dat as it’s…

Finally it’s my go

and after such an action packed day what better way of rounding it off than by gathering up the whole family, both past and present at the Bonneville salt flats to witness me, FastLaneDad and the FastLaneKids become the fastest family on the planet by me piloting Thrust Bloodhound SSC to over 1000mph… The boys nearly exploded they were so happy! No, the literally nearly exploded! Then after all the excitement and wanting to reflect on our amazing day we went home for dinner. Heston had been working his butt off rustling up 12 hour minestrone soup made with real mines and Sunday roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding, onions in vinegar and all the trimmings which turned out to be, well, Explosive!


Thanks for reading and now it’s up to you to decide who will win the Fantasy Fathers day prize.

That’s all happening over on the Fantasy Father’s Day Competition page where you can Vote for your Favourite, hopefully me! Remember you can vote each day for your favourite.

Click on this link to check out the other entries and also to vote for your favourite! MAGSHOP FANTASY FATHER’S DAY COMPETITION

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Happy Fathers Day and don’t forget to – Vote and Share!




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